Sunday, April 29, 2012

Thailand, an Exotic and Wonderful Place to Golf

In November of 2010, I spent 10 days golfing in Thailand. I was part of a group made up of golf tour operators from around Europe, and North America, as well as one other golf writer. Our journey took us from the Huan Hin region, to Bangkok and Pattya and north to Chiang Mai. In no uncertain terms, it was a fantastic time.

The one aspect of the trip we were all struck by was the genuine friendliness of the Thai people, whether it by the delightful women caddies that are fixtures at every course, the vendors of the famous street food or shop owners. On our visits to famous temples, we were also awed by the Thai culture that dates back thousands of years.

While green fees can be well over $100 in the Phuket region, the steepest price of any course where we teed it up as in the $80 price range with most between $35 and $50. Caddies are one of the best deals in golf at $15 a round in most places. The golf courses, most of which also have a large member contingent, are solid and a tee times gets access to the locker room and restaurant.

Although the journey from the United States is a long one, book Thailand golf for an experience like no other.

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