Monday, June 8, 2009

An Odd Golf Club

I’m not a collector of old golf clubs, but I’ve volunteered to help a friend try to identify the make and year of a large number of hickory shaft clubs her family accumulated while running Canton (Conn.) Public Golf Course, which opened in the mid 1930s and closed in 2003.

Among the items was this putter with the swastika-like symbol at the heal and toe. I contacted Peter Georgiady, author of “Wood Shafted Golf Club Value Guide,” probably the best reference for antique golf clubs. Georgiady told me, the club was made for the B. Altman department store in New York City - years before the Nazi party came to power - by the Morehead Co. of Milwaukee. Manufacturers, especially ones that made clubs for a variety of outlets, identified their products with what is known as, “cleek marks.” Morehead’s symbol was reportedly taken from the Navajo symbol for good luck.

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