Sunday, February 14, 2010

Oporto Golf Club and Golf in Portugal

Pau Golf Club in France, with its roots extended back to a pair of Scots fighting the Napoleonic War for England, is the oldest golf club on continental Europe dating to 1856. The second oldest is the Oporto Golf Club located in northwest Portugal, founded by Englishmen involved in the Port Wine business in 1890. At one time, golfers played around spectacular sand dunes that have since been claimed by the sea.

There is still plenty of great golf in Portugal that presents players with spectacular views. The Algarve Region, on the southern tip of the country, is home to over 30 wonderful layouts and has golf-friendly weather all year. Included is the Oceanico Faldo Course, designed by golfing great Nick Faldo, which opened in 2008 and is pictured.

"I like my courses to be challenging to whoever plays them. There might be easy holes in some places, but they are a challenge because you have to think about them, and that is what I am after," said Faldo of the par-72 layout that is 6,598 meters.


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