Monday, June 7, 2010

More Macdonald

More words of wisdom from, Scotland's Gift-Golf

•A golf hole, humanely speaking, is like life, inasmuch as one cannot judge just any person's character the first time one meets him. Sometimes it takes years to discover and appreciate hidden qualities which only time discloses, and he usually discloses them on the links. No real lover of golf with artistic understanding would undertake to measure the quality of fascination of a golf hole by a yard-stick, any more than a critic of poetry would attempt to measure the supreme sentiment expressed in a poem my the same method. One can understand the meter, but one cannot measure the soul expressed. It is absolutely inconceivable.

•A golf architect should never endeavor to construct what is known as a "trick green"; otherwise he will be suspected of being a card sharp. Don't seek an original idea in building a golf course. John La Farge somewhere has said if "an idea were an original one it is safe to say it would not be a good one.

•I should like also to suggest that the construction of bunkers on various courses should have an individuality entirely of their own which should arouse the love of hatred of intelligent golfers. Rest assured such hole are far too complex for one's absolute condemnation or absolute approval. Bunkers of this character are much to be desired on any golf course."

(The Short Hole at National Golf Links of America)

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