Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Friend Iain and His Pals Cash In on Oosthuizen's Victory

My pal Iain David Dye, who I met while volunteering at the Old Course in St. Andrews, Scotland for the 2005 Open, was at the tournament this year, also held at the Old Course, when he had a chance encounter with eventual winner Luis Oosthuizen that turned out to be quite valuable.

Here's Iain recounting of the events. (In the photo taken on the first tee of the Old Course, Ian's the good looking one on the far left.)

"We were standing at the 12th tee of the Old Course on Thursday. Louis and his caddie walked up onto the 12th tee from the 11th Green, Louis looked at his ball and asked his caddie for a new one. The caddie chucked the ball at Tom who is my mate Shaun's son.

"We were all laughing and joking about how much the ball would be worth if he won the Open. We were late back on the Thursday night to my parents' house, and we had been talking all night about how we should put money on Louis as it could have been fate.

"Both myself and Shaun put £20 each on Louis on Friday morning and by 6:30 pm on Sunday we had won £520. If we had put the bet on on the Thursday night we would have won over a £1000."

To convert that into American dollars, for a bet of $30.40, they each took home $790.27!

Don't forget, Shaun still has a golf ball from the 2010 Champion Golfer of the Year.

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  1. i dye has always been a lucky bugger....might buy himself a new golf swing for that!!