Saturday, October 23, 2010

My New Favorite Head Cover Courtesy of Machrihanish Dunes

Since it's opening in 2009, Machrihanish Dunes Golf Club on the Kintyre Peninsula of Scotland, has used a black sheep as is logo. Now, they have come up with a black sheep driver head cover. One of the cute and/or demonic looking examples showed up in my mail this morning. I'm wondering what the reaction will be from my future fellow playing partners the first time they get a look at this?

Looking up "Scotland" and "black sheep" on line, I came across this bit of humor.

An engineer, a physicist, and a mathematician were riding in a train in Scotland, when out the window they saw a black sheep.

Said the engineer, "The sheep in Scotland are black."

Said the physicist, "Some of the sheep in Scotland are black."

Said the mathematician, "At least one sheep in Scotland is black on at least one side."


According to Wikipedia, black sheep are associated with the Roman underworld god Dis Pater.

"Dis Pater, or Dispater (cf. Skt. Dyaus Pitar), was a Roman god of the underworld, later subsumed by Pluto or Hades. Originally a chthonic god of riches, fertile agricultural land, and underground mineral wealth, he was later commonly equated with the Roman deities Pluto and Orcus, becoming an underworld deity.

"Dis Pater was commonly shortened to simply Dis (much like how Dyaus Pitar was also simply called Dyaus). This name has since become an alternate name for the underworld or a part of the underworld, such as the Dis of The Divine Comedy.

"When Dis Pater was in the underworld, only oaths and curses could reach him, and people invoked him by striking the earth with their hands. Black sheep were sacrificed to him, and those who performed the sacrifice averted their faces. Dis Pater, like his Greek equivalent, Hades, had little or no real cult following, and so there are few statues of him."


  1. Very cool head cover Tony. I love head covers and am always on the look out for neat stuff. I currently have a tufted puffin from Bandon and my mainstay Goldy Gopher, Minnesota's mascot.

  2. Tony, after your visit last year nancy actually designed the head cover using your distint features! nothing to do with our sheep! not notice the similarities???? they are selling very well our little tony's

  3. Tony -

    Aren't pom pom's more your style?

    Noel with bulldogs and now you with black sheep.


  4. this is the headcover i have been looking for! can you tell me how/where you got it? i have searched all over but cant find it anyplace! thanks.