Monday, November 15, 2010

Golf Punk Finally Succumbs

After years of financial difficulties including going into a form of reorganization, Golf Punk magazine is no longer as confirmed in this story on the Sport Journalists Association website.

I was interviewed by Golf Punk in 2005 while a volunteer greenkeeper at the Old Course for the 2005 Open Championship. Later, I wrote a few pieces for them and there was talk of me becoming a permanent American voice, but then financial troubles set in and the plan never materialized.

JF Media, which owns Golf Punk, was in Company Voluntary Arrangements – known in short as a CVA. For me that means money owed will probably never arrive.

I was a little disturbed to read this in the story about their business practices:

"In its brief history, the company is believed to have built up a collection of County Court Judgments, brought by disgruntled and unpaid contributors, as well as an Advertising Standard Authority ruling in 2009 from customers angry that they never received the free gifts offered when they paid their £35 for a year’s subscription."

I wish editor Shaun McGuckian the best of luck. He always treated me fairly.


  1. Goodbye Bunker Babes, you'll be missed.

  2. They certainly will, Scott, they certainly will.