Monday, December 6, 2010

A Walk on the Proposed Quinnetucket Site, Another Dumping Ground

Because of the vast amount of dense underbrush along the parcel of land that would be holes 4-6 of my Quinnetucket Golf Course project, walking there in the summer months is all but a ridiculous endeavor. In the cold early days of December, traipsing through that area is a struggle, even with a machete and some aggravation that I needed to work out.

Sunday (Dec. 5), I located a fence line that I first discovered over a year ago, and decided to follow it. My guess, is that this fence was part of the old chicken farm that was run by Connecticut Valley Hospital to aid in feeding workers and patients.

It was while inching my way that I came across an old dumping ground that consisted mostly of, what appears to be, cans (photo 1). There were also broken small milk bottles, pieces of wood, a metal cable, a clay pipe, a metal vent tube, wood, old fenceing and one large glass bottle with a rusted cap still in place and clear liquid inside.

At no point, did I find any labels to indicate what the cans held or what might be swishing around inside the large bottle.

The dump pile was at the top of a ridge so I decided to explore below and found more items (photos 2 and 3), including broken ceramic dishes, a light bulb, shards of what looked to be window glass and a piece that appears to have come from an electric motor. There was also a section of a large corrugated metal pipe.

I did find one small bottle intact and will try to get it dated to get a rough estimate on how long the trash has been there.

For me, this is just more proof that the land went virtually unused for decades and while it appears that it would have been a great hiking spot, few took advantage of the site.

I'm wonder if the trash also indicates that the state and/or CVH did not make sure the site was cleaned up after the farm was closed, or if the land was a haven for illegal dumping once it was no longer used to raise chickens.

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