Sunday, October 18, 2009

Golf and Gambling

For so many golfers, the game can’t be played without a little side action, say a $5 nassau and $1 birdies. For others, though, it has to be way more involved than that and they partake in a game like Wolf that is so complicated, I really don’t have a modicum of understanding of the rules even though I’ve played it a few times.

For me, a straight match-play contest is good enough and if there is a want to pay out for greenies and sandies, I’m good with that. If there's no desire for a "game," I'll still tee it up.

On the other hand, my friend who I'll call Keith (because that's his name), can't just enjoy a round of golf. "I have to play for something," he once barked in his gravely voice. "I don't care if it's a stick."

He's serious. During one of my trips to the Old Course, I brought him back a branch broken off from a gorse bush on the famous layout that he used to carry in his golf bag as the designated "stick."

During one of our more memorable rounds, we decided to complicate it about as much as we could. Besides me giving him shots and playing for sandies and birdies, we also paid out on each hole for Hogans, par or better while hitting the fairway and green in regulation on each hole, Watsons, hitting the fairway in regulation but missing the green while making par or better and Seves, missing the fairway and green in regulation while still making par or better.

I think we also threw in barkies, making par or better after hitting a tree, and had we had the chance we would have played for Alexander Graham Bells, that's making par or better after bouncing a shot off a telephone pole or overhanging wires.

Then there are those who love golfing and gambling, but not at the same time, which explains the popularity of golf and casinos. If your looking for places around the world to gamble, and possibly get in some golf, check out this casino guide.

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  1. Hi, I'll call myself Keith, because that is my name. One of the most depressing first tee experiences I have had happened at the seventh ring of hell known as Disney. I was paired up with a father and son and I brought up the subject of a match and the father said "we just play for funsies". Ouch. that was a long day.