Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Take Me to Teeth of the Dog

It's turning cold in Connecticut and I'm not ready for it. The forecast of temperatures in the 40s, accompanied by wind and rain, makes me want to take a crash course in hibernation. Pretending, for a moment, that I had the money, I was perusing the Internet for a place I'd jet off to for golf and sun when it gets really cold. The answer I came up with was, Casa de Campo in the Dominican Republic and Pete Dye's Teeth of the Dog Course.

I have Dye on the brain after speaking with him a few weeks ago for a piece I wrote for Golfdom magazine about the role of architects in helping golf courses conserve water. At 84, the design genius is still opinionated when it comes to all topics golf and it was pure joy to talk with him on a variety of topic for close to 30 minutes.

Ranked as high as 34th in the world by various magazines, Teeth of the Dog is now complimented by two other Dye designs -- Dye Fore and The Links. Teeth of the Dog might not have the audaciousness of Dye's later work, but it is replete with his signature style of options and angles that appeal and challenge players of all skill levels.

"Casa de Campo has been my life," he has said. "I always say Casa de Campo is my favorite place. The courses are as good as I can build."

Hey, maybe that's just an architect hyping his work like he should but, if I had the money, I'd take a trip there and find out for myself.


  1. I remember playing golf in Ct and Ma and freezing in the fall and winter while the courses were still open. Luckily there are options like Cabo San Lucas where the weather is great and the links are fine. My favorite is Maui where the weather is perfect and the greens are too! Too many courses to list. Best deal is Cabo. Cheap flight, good food and the green fees are inexpensive!

  2. If I win the Lottery Tonight, we are there by the middle of next Week!