Thursday, March 3, 2011

Chronicling the Quinnetucket project on CtGolfer.Com

After an invitation from Bob Samek, the guy who runs,, I'm blogging regularly on the site about my Quinnetucket Golf Course project. The first post was last week. Most of what I'll be writing about for has been covered in my posts here, but will give those who are unfamiliar with the project a chance to catch up. is a wonderful site that is easily the most comprehensive when it comes to what's going on and where to play in regards to golf in Connecticut. Besides Bob and me, there two other bloggers I know well. Paul Sabino, superintendent at the Farms Country Club in Wallingford, Conn., who I worked for in the fall of 1998, writes about the world of course maintenance. There is also Bruce Berlet, former longtime golf writer for the Hartford Courant covers the happenings of players and courses across Connecticut.

In addition, Sue Sawyer chronicles topics pertaining to woman while Pete Asadourian is the guy for golf and fitness tips.

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