Friday, March 4, 2011

Sorry to Say, Frank Nobilo Already in Midseason Form

Listening to Frank Nobilo talk about architecture and maintenance while announcing golf on television is enough to make me turn down the volume permanently out of fear that I might accidentally stumble onto one of his infuriating statements.

When it comes to agronomy, Nobilo - like nearly every one of his announcer brethren - have no idea the harm and problems they can cause with what they take to be an a mere aside. Those in the business of growing grass, though, are all too aware of the power the mouths have.

Case in point. Here's a Facebook post from a well-regarded superintendent watching today's coverage of the Honda Classic.

"To my golf business friends - Nobilo just said that the greens were rolling at 11, which is not 'overly fast.' So, apparently 11 is just kind of average. sigh..."

Can't wait to hear what Nobilo will be saying come August.


  1. Tony,

    Just a minor point: I'd say those in the business of maintaining golf courses rather than "growing grass". Nit-picking, maybe; and, I know you didn't mean anything by it. But, growing grass is for homeowners. Maintaining golf courses (properly) is an art practiced by golf course superintendents.


  2. That "well-regarded superintendent" is a bum and should never be quoted! haha!

  3. I wish you would actually quote people correctly.11 on the stimpmeter is average for "Tour speed"The last 4 events have all ranged between 11 and 11.5 would that make 11 average for Tour Speed??..... I guess you left that bit out because it doesnt fit your agenda. But that is like most of what you write.


    Frank Nobilo

  4. Tony I see you didnt fix your poor quote or you own "those in the business of growing grass". If you want to check my work just go to the Tour sites I have been this year and a)see I have spoken to the Superintendants and B) the tour agronomists.I can also provide the tour advance agronomy notes should you prefer that.
    Most qualified writers check the source first before they fire away half cocked!! either retract or back it up with some substance or are you in as you say..."mid season form". Can't wait till August


  5. You poor schmucks are probably the types to rip a superintendent no matter the conditions. You want 11 on the Stimp? See how long it takes you to finish 18 holes playing behind four senior citizens, all of whom have the shakes.

    See you in 5.5 hours--