Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Another Incorrect Prognostication that Tiger Woods is Back

Call me a cynic, but whenever I hear most American golf announcers or tour golfers touting Tiger Woods, I assume they're overstating or misstating the truth, especially if they share a membership to Isleworth Country Club with Woods. It is apparent that Woods' game is nowhere near it what was when he was at his best, no matter what anybody says or so badly wants to believe.

That latest to prove my theory was John Cook, who plays on the Champions Tour, has done time with a microphone in his hand and has a membership at Isleworth.

Here's, in part, what he said, as quoted in the Orlando Sentinel

“Monday, it clicked,” Cook relayed after a practice round at this week’s Naples stop. “It was fun just to stop and watch and see the excitement he had on his face and the flight of the golf ball as he was explaining to me what was going on.

“He said it’s way better and way different. This only happened on Monday, and Tuesday he was feeling it even more. We had a great chat about it.”

The swing was doing everything but clicking Wednesday in the first round of the Accenture Match Play Championship as Woods fell to Thomas Bjorn, pictured above, on the 19th hole. After making a great birdie on 18 to extend the match, Woods missed the ample fairway on the 19th hole with a 3-wood and carded a six.

"It's easy to put the ball in the fairway and I couldn't even do that," Woods said, so visibly upset that he was stumbling over his words, according to the Associated Press story.

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