Friday, February 18, 2011

Confusion Over the Proposed Site for the Quinnetucket Golf Course

I appeared before Middletown's Urban Forestry Commission meeting last night to give input concerning the resigning of a lease by Millane's Nursery, which farms 40 acres within the 95 acres that I'm looking to take control of for the proposed Quinnetucket Golf Course. Millane's would pay about $120 an acre. The proposed golf course lease calls for $20,000 a year beginning in year six.

Go here to see the Middletown Press coverage of the story.

Millane's lease expired at the end of January and the company is looking to sign another 5-year deal, which could seriously delay the Quinnetucket project. The first step towards a new lease was for Millane's to appear before the Urban Forestry Commission, which serves in an advisory capacity to the Economic Development Commission.

After learning that the Millane's lease negotiations had started at the January UFC meeting without input from me, I attended last night's meeting. I was surprised to find that commission did not know my project was still viable. The commission was surprised to discover that the golf course project is very much alive.

A tentative compromise appears to be that Millane's would sign a two-year lease with a one-year exit clause. The EDC still must vote on the lease.

Stay tuned.

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